From Crazymomma, Age 13 - 02/01/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Is Drinking Water Bad For You? Because I Drink About 10-12 Cups A Day. I Do Exercise Everyday For About 10 Mins. I Try Not To Eat At School But The Princpal Makes Me. But The Reason Im So Big Is Because I Get Bored And All I Do Is Eat. Some One Right Back Please
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 02/02/05  - IP#:
drinking that much water is wonderful! i need to get up to that much! you're doing great!
Reply from Christina, Age 16 - 02/01/05  - IP#:
Hey water is great for you...but 10 minutes of exersicing isent good at all. You must go atleast 30 minutes.
Reply from Lauren, Age 15 - 02/01/05  - IP#:
whats the deal with everyone eating salady sh*t theres no need eat healthier dont become a rabbit lol
Reply from Beth, Age 13 - 02/01/05  - IP#:
oh my thats the same for me aswell no drinking water is super good! try eating salads at skool i'm going to
Reply from kathryn, Age 17 - 02/01/05  - IP#:
crap sorry i did it again, that wasnt to christia--- the LASt message i posted was to her. sorry
Reply from kathryn to christina, Age 17 - 02/01/05  - IP#:
OMG!! are you kidding me! Heck no! Water is like the best thing you can do to your body! Drink it all you want!! (but, um, dont go crazy, cuz if you drink TOO much water, you can kill yourself. Dont get scared!! Its some obsence amount, like gallons and gallons-- but thats why ppl die from the drug excstacy-- cuz it makes you crave water, and you drink so much that you actually make your cells float and kill yourself!)