From Hanne, Age 15 - 02/08/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey everyone, i used to go on this site all the time and i haven't lately which shows because the 30 pounds i lost last year, has all been gained back! i have been through alot of hard times in the past few months and i have gotten way off track! now it's hard for me to get my mind set back into losing weight! i have been trying lately and the exercise really isn't a problem, it's the food! i can't help but eat bad stuff! i know i shouldn't and i regret eating it, but it is such a comfort for me i can't help it! does anyone know of anyway i can start a diet and stick to it? or have anything that could help me? i would greatly appreciate it!! thank you so much
Reply from Kristin, Age 15 - 03/02/05  - IP#:
Hey don't worry about it I have been told at least four times this week I look like I am gaining weight. You just have to look past the fact that you gained your weight back and use it as fuel to get back to dieting. I traditionally just cut my calories by about 500 and work out for at least an hour and a half. But hey I know you can do it so Good Luck.
Reply from Hayley, Age 15 - 02/09/05  - IP#:
i would recommend Weight Watchers. I've been "on" the program for like 3 years now. And even during the rough times when I felt like I couldn't totally adhere to the program (and I didn't) I was still able to just maintain the weight that I was at.
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 02/09/05  - IP#:
i know how you feel! i've gained 20 of the 30 lbs i lost back! it's difficult to get back on track because you're so dissapointed in yourself. but it's possible! i'm getting back on track. just cut out some calories and get your calories from nutritious foods- youre body will love you for it and as a reward it will look how you've always wanted!
Reply from Shwee, Age 14 - 02/08/05  - IP#:
what i found is incredibly amazing and actually works is whenever you have a craving, tense up and clench your wrists and do a silent scream. lol, its wierd but it for some reason it feels better than ice cream!