From Mary, Age 17 - 04/12/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey guys, my name is Mary and I'm 17. I way 200-210 pounds. I am tall in a sense, but not really. My sister is taller than me. I gained weight through depression and anxiety. :P It stinks, but I used to weigh 240 almost 250. I'd love to here some tips you guys have on loosing weight! I also wouldn't mind becoming friends with some of you! I do have some loosing weight tips, if you want any! Because I've lost 30-40 pounds in the last 2 months!
Reply from Shawn, Age 16 - 05/31/02  - IP#:
Hey beautiful, i think it is great how u lose that much weight in that short of a time, my email is, i wanted to know what did u do to lose 30 to 40 pounds in two months. I am tryin to get in shape for basketball season.
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 05/01/02  - IP#:
hey, i would love to b ur buddy, but as i can tell, i think that it mite be a bit hard to email all these chicks!
but thats cool if u dont email me, but if u can thats sweet as!
i havnt got much tips my self but u know how u get like raro( da flavored powder that u add to water to make juice) well u could make lil ica blocks out of them and when u feel like sumthing sweet just have 1 of them, its just like eating ice and i think it would work really well, i have heaps of other ideas but well i feel kinda bad saying this bnut im REALLY HUNGRY! lol g2g and do sum homework too! ppppllllllzzzz email me,
luv ya nicole
Reply from Becca, Age 15 - 04/25/02  - IP#:
Hey~ I would love your lossing weight tips. If you dont mind Plz send them to me at My Aol account is bein cut off May 12th so If u send N*e*thing after that Plz send it to Thanks so much~
Reply from teresa, Age 13 - 04/14/02  - IP#:
I would love some weight loss tips also
Reply from Laura, Age 12 - 04/13/02  - IP#:
hey please email me @ or if u have aol instant messanger mine is chicababy1223
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
i would love some tips. Thanks ~Rachel
Reply from sarah, Age 15 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
sorry my email address is sarah
Reply from sarah, Age 15 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
please tell me how you do it
Reply from Brittany, Age 16 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
Hi i would like to be a weight loss buddy. You seem like a cool person. My email is
Reply from Julie, Age 15 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
Hiya i would like to be friends with you! how did u manage to loose nearly 3stone in 2months? can u give me some tips? email me pls : thanks!
Reply from Sheena, Age 17 - 04/12/02  - IP#:
Can you let me know what you did to lose that weight? Reply here or email me at Thanks