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Ht. 5'10", Start: 180 lb, Today: 242 lb (BMI: 35), Goal: 200 lb - heyy, as you guys can see, i’ve only gotten fatter. kind of feels like i’m just never going to be skinny again. it’s difficult for me to stop eating, even though my clothes are getting tight again. if anyone wants to talk, hit me up on discord at bingoenjoyer#9436
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Hi Brittany! sorry for the late reply, if you're still willing to talk i'd love to hear from you! let me know where i can find you please :)
Reply from Brittany, Age 23 - 08/19/23  - IP#:
I would be willing to talk about your struggles as I am in the same boat. I have put on 70lbs since April… My clothes don’t fit at all lol Let me know if you want to talk and I will give you my info