From Amber, Age 24 - 07/19/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 395 lb, Today: 395 lb (BMI: 60), Goal: 167 lb - Hi everyone! My name is Amber and I used to use this site a lot back when I was a pre-teen and a teenager. Unfortunately I was unable to implement the healthy changes and advice that I received here at those ages and have gained even more weight into adulthood. I've come to the realization that my life does need to change or it won't be very long. I have a lot of work ahead of me and none of it is going to be easy, and knowing me and my motivation level it won't be very quick either. However, I could really use some support, any that I can get and thought posting here might be worth it! I'd also love to offer my own support and a listening ear to anyone who needs it. I have a blog, for anyone who would like to follow my journey, and an email address available too for those who would like it. Contact me and i'd be happy to give it to you. Much luck and best wishes to all here.
Reply from will, Age 16 - 02/19/17  - IP#:
Hi I'm also trying to lose weight. I'll motivate and support you. Email me. My email adress is
Reply from Sadie, Age 25 - 10/29/15  - IP#:
Hey Amber! I would love to be email buddies with you! I was overweight for as long as I can remember, my whole childhood. It never really bothered me until junior high. Then I noticed that I was the fat friend. Guys were never interested in me. I worked very hard in school to be top of my class and felt a lot of stress and when I am stressed I eat. My senior year of high school I saw Biggest Loser for the first time and it inspired me. I started slowly making changes. Would cut out soda and try and exercise for half an hour a day. Just little things at a time that all added up. I reached my goal weight a year later and kept it off for 5 years until I became pregnant. I was so scared to gain weight, but at the same time not scared enough because I pretty much gave myself a free pass to eat whatever and used the I'm too tired excuse to not workout. I have lost 30 of the 40lbs I put on and am within 10lbs of my goal and struggling big time to stay motivated. I remember coming to this site a lot when I lost the weight in high school so thought I would see if there was anyone on here near my age. We may not be in the same place weight wise, but I would love to encourage and support each other. Nothing feels better than being healthy and feeling good in your own body. :) Feel free to email me anytime.
Reply from Angela, Age 23 - 08/03/15  - IP#:
Hey Amber I'm going through the same exact same problem being overweight I've researched trying to get advice or even talk to someone that is going through the same thing as me I can't talk to my siblings they put me down I've been overweight since 2008 I weigh 357 the last time I checked .its hard to eat healthy and so expensive to buy we will fight through this and achieve our goals I've got to change my habits or I'm going to die I'm a diabetic at such a young age hope we can talk some more
My email is Thanks