From Amanda, Age 22 - 01/11/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 225 lb, Today: 157.8 lb (BMI: 24), Goal: 150 lb - So at first I thought I'd be happy with being 155, but now that I'm just under 3lbs to my goal, I decided to bring my goal weight down to 150, as I feel I could stand to lose some more (i carry most of my annoying fat in my belly). Hope everyone's doing great!
Reply from Jeimi, Age 21 - 01/16/12  - IP#:
thank you =)
Reply from Amanda, Age 22 - 01/14/12  - IP#:
If I was hungry, I'd eat. But I'd be very careful what I ate. I'd go for as little calories as possible. Raw veggies and fruit are filling with hardly any calories, so I never counted them. Or I'd buy sugar free jello and make the package and ate it when I wanted a snack. Very filling for only 40 calories. Also, the most weight loss happened when I did it for health reasons. When I realized that I wanted to so good things for myself, it became easier to resist temptation. When it was all about the looks, the weight would come off only to come right back. I hope I helped, if you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask :)
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wow congrats you have done awesome, i'm kinda sinking here could use some advice. How did you control your hunger when you knoe you shouldn't eat? If it did happen to you bc i know everyone is different