From Sandra, Age 21 - 06/05/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 239 lb, Today: 185.6 lb (BMI: 32), Goal: 165 lb - so i will be a freshman at famu this fall. i have a little more than two months to meet my goal of 20lbs. i used to be able to lose 13lbs a month but that was when i had school and other things occupying me and my time. but now i am unemployed. single. and at home with my mother! whats worse is my mother doesnt cook so i (on most nights) cook for my whole family, who prefers unhealthy fried food, starches and carbs. I have pretty strong willpower i can look past sweets and control my eating but when it comes to unnecessary movement i just dont. i'd love to work out for 3hrs a day 6 days a week but i dont know if i am biting off more than i can chew.... i am at a loss of what to do but really want to lose the 20lbs. I am Florida a&m university bound and ....i mean its florida! beach bodies are like a must! the weather is hot almost all year and i dont even want to see a pair of shorts right now!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!
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you've done amazing so far don't let anything stop you now you don't have to workout 3 hours a day to lose weight and some days you'll workout more than others just do your best and take it one day at a time. You're awesome =)