From Reea, Age 19 - 05/31/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 248.6 lb, Today: 245.2 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 140 lb - So I have something that I need to get off my chest.. Does nobody else fear what their body will look like once they've lost weight? I know I'll be healthier when I'm at my goal weight but inside, all I can think of is the fact that I'm going to have saggy skin (I fear my arms and stomach most) and all of my stretch marks will still be there, and I have them literally everywhere! Arms (even the outside), abdomen, thighs, calves, back. They're EVERYWHERE! It's all I can think about.. How I'll be really proud once I've managed to reach my goal, but I'll still despise the way my body looks, and I'll never ever be able to wear a bikini like my friends do. PLEASE tell me I'm not alone in this! How do you guys deal with it? I hope everyone's doing well and keeping on track x
Reply from Egor, Age 18 - 06/06/11  - IP#:
im getting the lipo surgury and then im going to get th skin surgury after maybe that would be a road to travwl
Reply from sandra, Age 21 - 06/05/11  - IP#:
i totally feel you. i think about my stomach and my poor boobs the most! i think i can find a way to deal with my stomach because it never was where i held the most weight, and i dont mind never wearing a bikini, but i was like famous for my boobs, they were so pretty and perky. i've already lost 50lbs and its obvious that they are deflating! did i mention i used to be a DDD? i have nightmares thinking they will eventually look like plastic grocery bags with an apple inside.....but i am detemined to get plastic surgery if that happens to me i want to feel beautiful naked again, like i did at 230lbs! i literally was more comfortable i feel old. and nervous when i take off my push-ups for the first time with a guy. nightmare really. i heard that if you lose weight from your chest and regain weight it never regains their perk.....=(
Reply from Jeimi, Age 20 - 06/05/11  - IP#:
ooo yea i think about it all the time but here's the thing, i rather be thin at a healthy weight and have some lose skin which i still have even now then be this weight. I know it's something scary but everything in life has it's down sides and we have to weigh the odds. Losing weight has more good thingd than bad and to be honest if one day you can fix the lose skin then do it that's what i think about even though it's another scary thing. But what i can tell you is this, forget about the what ifs of life think about the now and where you want to be don't let anything stop you from this because it's too important, be proud of what you've accomplished so far and lift some weights and drink lots of water and lose the weight at a good pace so the skin wont be that lose. Good luck take it one day at a time becuase when we get there nothing else should matter.
Reply from Reea, Age 19 - 06/02/11  - IP#:
Thank you both so much, it's really encouraging to hear what it's really like from people who are experiencing the same thing. I wasn't expecting too much help since it's been a little dead around here recently so I'm really grateful. It's also great since you are both very close to me in the starting weight/goal weight range (especially you Marina!) so I hope my experiences are as good as both of yours! I started with the cocoa butter, getting the water in and toning exercises as soon as I read your posts and hopefully if I keep it up all will be well :) Good luck to both of you! x
Reply from Marina, Age 23 - 06/01/11  - IP#:
Coming from someone who started at 237lbs and currently weighs 127lbs I can tell you first hand what that's like.
The truth's not that bad! You'll feel soooo much better about yourself overall anyway. The stretch marks will fade dramatically. There might be a subtle hint of some...but the ones that do remain won't be terribly obvious. Even so, you learn to dress your body in flattering ways...there are very few things that you "can't" wear...but seriously, who cares? You feel great anyway.
As long as you're exercising and losing the weight slowly, saggy skin is extremely minimal. You may have a little in your trouble spots, but once again, you just learn to dress to impress!
Fortunately, youth is on your side! Your skin still has the elasticity to return to normal! Just keep on your journey & don't worry about that the end you'll see it was all still worth it!!
Reply from Amanda, Age 22 - 05/31/11  - IP#:
You're definitely not alone! As for the stretch marks, they disappear. trust me. i was covered in them, and now theyre invisible. the only time you can see them is if you look closely, they look a little silvery thats about it. I have a little bit of extra skin, but not a noticeable amount. you cant tell unless you pinch it. Just make sure to stay hydrated and drink water and your skin with shrink with you. usually it's people who lose over 100 pounds that have the worst cases, and you're still young and your skin is still elastic enough to bounce back. Trust me on this, you'll look great. If you want to help fade the stretch marks and keep your skin healthy moisturize with cocoa butter or that scar fading cream. I hope I helped, and good luck :)