From Bethany, Age 22 - 03/08/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'11", Start: 276 lb, Today: 254 lb (BMI: 35), Goal: 169 lb - It's hard, I need more motivation. I've started giving myself a cheat meal once a week, so I don't end up bingeing. It's just enough to get me through this. I hope to lose another 20ish lbs by May. Good luck to everyone else.
Reply from Marina, Age 23 - 03/17/11  - IP#:
You can do it! 20lbs may be a little ambitious but it's not impossible. Having a cheat meal is a great idea (as long as you don't go overboard of course!). Try exploring new foods that taste great but are healthy - it might help you get through your rough patch. One of the main ways I motivate myself (and it seems to work) is by setting very small goals (2lbs a week) and taking things one day at a time. Something I often think to myself when I'm about to make a poor choice is, "is it worth it?". The answer always ends up being no. I think about how lousy I'll feel after I eat the unhealthy thing and then I think about how much more important it is to me to lose the weight. Good luck & keep it up! :)