From Jeimi, Age 20 - 02/27/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 265 lb, Today: 232 lb (BMI: 42), Goal: 135 lb - So in one month i've only lost 2 pounds. It gets me very angry because i've been working really hard in the gym. Since i'm away in college it's hard to know exactly what i'm eating but i have decided to start counting calories to keep my eating in check. I really want to get out of the 200's 33 pounds to go and hopefully i can get there before June but for now i just want to keep losing even if it's only 1 pound per week. Well i hope everyone is doing well good luck this week everyone =)
Reply from Jeimi, Age 20 - 03/01/11  - IP#:
thanks that's a really good idea because i aviod the calf alot in order to not eat too much....btw congrats 60 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! Good work i'll keep that tip in mind, i do eat whatever i want just less than i use to but for the last 3 days i've been writing what i eat and it really does make me control myself =) thanks
Reply from bianca, Age 20 - 02/28/11  - IP#:
hey girl, i am college bound this fall and getting nervous about my eating habits there might have already heard this tip but i have to say it works for me!! i eat on a six inch dessert plate. i've lost 60 lbs in a year without excercising this way! i eat whatever i like for the most part and only really limit my sweet-tooth to maybe one or two treats a week but you can have whatevr you like, eat what your friends eat just no seconds and don't overload the plate.....if u eat slow, enjoy it, you will feel full in the end. lol it's worth a try. and at school u can easily have your own plate set.
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keep up the good work!