From Sheena, Age 20 - 10/21/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 241 lb, Today: 240 lb (BMI: 38), Goal: 150 lb - hey everyone its been a few years that ive been here and this week i realized that its time, over the years ive managed to keep gaining weight and this this past sunday i decided that this is enough! i dont want the same health problems as my father has or die because of this like my grandmother did also this past sunday i started going to the gym every morning at 5 am i have yet missed a day which is pretty amazing since i normally its really difficult for me to wake up that early and go any where. but im committed and feel like we are all here because we know we have a problem and we are READY to FIX it and become healthy! i plan on coming on this website everyday like i used to and it really did help :]
Reply from Christine, Age 19 - 10/30/10  - IP#:
I emailed you. :-)
Reply from Sheena, Age 20 - 10/24/10  - IP#:
lets be weight loss buddies i check my email daily so just email me how did you manage to get to 190 and good job! im like stuck at 240 :(
Reply from Christine, Age 19 - 10/22/10  - IP#:
I'm totally with you! I came to this site when I was around 13 and managed to go from about 190 to 170 pounds, which was great progress in turning around my weight issue. Then I stopped visiting, bounced up to about 220, and have been trying to lose the weight since. I'm back at 190 now, and I'm really hoping that coming back here will motivate me to start going back to the gym and cutting out junk food and too many snacks.
Good luck!!