From Ally13, Age 22 - 08/23/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 204 lb, Today: 143 lb (BMI: 27), Goal: 115 lb - BROKE THE PLATEAU!!! It took forever, but I'm officially past the 144lb. mark I couldn't break through for about 2 1/2 months. If I can lose 3 pounds by the end of this month (one week), I'll still be right on track towards my final goal. Wow, I've always wanted to be this small, but I honestly never thought I'd get there - it feels really good =).
Anyone that's struggling, don't give up - it's definitely worth the fight. Do it for yourself, your loved ones and your future!!
Reply from Nini, Age 19 - 08/25/10  - IP#:
wow your words were really touching! i will take your advice and start off slow because it isnt about diet really its about changing your habits :]
Reply from Ally13, Age 22 - 08/24/10  - IP#:
I've actually done a lot of different things in the past couple of years, depending on where I was at in life, the motivation I felt, etc. So really, it's been (and still is) a whole trial and error thing for me.
Generally though, I've tried to stay away from sweets and desserts since anything sugary is my downfall. I try cooking homemade meals that have protein, vegetables or fruit and some carbs/starches/grains. Recently, I've modified that regimen where I eat most of my carbs/the heaviest meal in the morning and work my way down throughout the day so dinner is my lightest meal. I don't eat after a certain time (7 is my may be different for each person, but I have a slower metabolism). I try and drink only water, milk or natural juices....soda's been cut out completely (I miss it =D). I try and exercise at least 5 times a week. In the beginning, it was Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, then I did tennis for awhile and now me and my husband are training to run a 5k on Thanksgiving.
I've seen a lot of overweight people in my life: friends, family, etc. and I'll tell you something - we ALL know what it takes for our bodies to shed the weight. In my opinion, it's not any one particular lifestyle of eating/exercising that's going to get you to lose the's all about the motivation. Each person is different: some want to impress their peers, some want a healthier body for the future and some just want to fit into those Forever 21 skinny jeans. Heck, mine is all 3! Within the longterm goals though, I have mini ones that have deadlines. For example, the first thing that made me want to lose weight was my wedding. I lost 40lbs. from 02/09-12/09. After that, it was my brother-in-law coming to stay with us for a month in June - another 20lbs. Now, it's that we're going to visit my in-laws in Australia in December and I intend to lose the last 25 lbs. by then.
I'm not sure what's important to you, but find out what it is and just keep working towards that. And just so you know, it hasn't been a steady year and a half of losing for me...I've had weeks of not exercising and eating less than healthy, but I always promise myself that whatever 10lb. range I'm in at the time, I will not allow myself to go above it, ie: once I hit 159, I wasn't allowed to go back into any part of the 160's.
Don't lose sight of working towards your main objective and eventually, you're going to get there. =)
Reply from Nini, Age 19 - 08/24/10  - IP#:
wow good job and i just read you comment to my post thanks so much for replying :] but anyways i would love it if you share what you do on a daily basis im trying to set a plan for myself right now since school will be starting up again next week and im only at school twice a week but all day so im doing some research right now on snack i could take and blah blah :] but GOOD job and keep up the good work :]