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Ht. 5'8", Start: 228.5 lb, Today: 228.5 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 144 lb - Hi everyone. I've been coming to this site for about 4 years, and I've felt I was fat since I was 9. Now I'm obese, and my weight as really affected every aspect of my life. My grades have suffered (I just completed first year of college and failed 2 classes, withdrew from 2 more), I can't find a job, I look like I'm 40, and I've just altogether stopped taking care of myself. But now I'm going to fight off this weight tooth and nail. I know that God has a purpose for me in this world, and I'm not going to let weight, depression, negative thoughts, sugar addiction, or bad grades stop me from fulfilling my purpose. I'm going to try to come on this site every Thursday to update this journey. God bless to you all, and stay positive!
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Thanks Nini! And yeah, staying positive is the key for this weight loss journey we're all going through. We should always remember that by coming on this site, we're making steps toward improving our health and quality of life. Good luck to you!
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i feel the same way! i really want to stay positive because i tend to always bring myself down which results in eating late. but good luck to you! to everyone here i know we can all do it.