From Amanda, Age 20 - 09/01/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 225 lb, Today: 163.4 lb (BMI: 25), Goal: 150 lb - woohoo almost 2 pounds in a week :) im on a roll! almost out of the 160s! ive never ever been in the 150s, well im sure i was as a young child lol but this is huge for me. im so happy :) 2 years later im down almost 65 pounds, and im soooo close to being done :D hope everyone else is doing amazing. good luck!
Reply from Alessandra, Age 19 - 09/23/09  - IP#:
Thats amazing! How are u doing it? id really like to know what works