From Whitney, Age 19 - 02/01/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 200 lb, Today: 178 lb (BMI %tile: 87), Goal: 150 lb - So its been about a week, sorry about that. My weight was being all crazy since it was that time of the month so I just got frustrated and didn't bother with it. Not to mention my liver still hurts from everything I drank this weekend but thats ok I needed it =] I did run about 14 miles last week so I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'll get back on the ball tomorrow and see where I am with my weight, hopefully nothing to dramatic will appear on the scale, unless in a good way haha. Hope everyone is well and I'll let you know how tomorrow goes!
Reply from Amanda, Age 20 - 02/02/09  - IP#:
ohhh i feel ya hunny. im too scared to even step on that scale, because i know my monthly is right around the corner... i typically gain between 2-5 pounds of water around that time, and even though i KNOW its water weight, i still get discouraged and end up binging. not this time my friend! hope everything goes well, keep it up! :)