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I have 12 year old twin daughters (Phoebe and Emily) who are identical in everyway except their weight. They're short for their age (145cm). Emily is 84lbs and has always been a healthy weight, but Phoebe is 180lbs and has always been somewhat overweight, but now it's getting out of control. She has gained 50lbs in the past year. To be honest, she was last weighed 3 months ago and I think she has gained a reasonable amount since then as her clothes are starting to look snugger. I'm picking her up early from school for a Drs appointment today, so I'll find out just how much she has gained. I'm constantly finding hidden junk food wrappers. We don't by junk food in an effort to help Phoebe, but she still buys it with her allowance and overeats on the healthy options we provide. I can't get her to participate in physical activity and she doesn't seem to care about her weight. I hope the Dr will be able to talk some sense into her, but I doubt that will happen.
Reply from Sarah, Child's Age 12 - 03/27/23  - IP#:
Update after the Dr. I'm really upset to find out that Phoebe has put on 20lbs and is now 200lbs. Her blood pressure was high (157/85). We had some bloods done prior to the appointment and she is pre diabetic. Her cholesterol was high. Her BMI is 43. I can't believe she weighs 60lbs more than me, 40lbs more than my husband and 116lbs more than her twin. My parents in their 60s have better bloods and blood pressure. I am beyond devastated and terrified for her, but she still doesn't seem to care. The first thing she asked for when we left the Dr was if we could get McDonald's for lunch. Obviously, I said no. If she carries on at this rate she'll be in the 260s by the end of the year. She's already a size 24 because she carries her weight predominantly around her midsection.