From Nick, Child's Age 14 - 03/26/22 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am aware this site is for overweight children- butt my child is getting close. Jack had been in shape all his life until a few months ago, when he started to put on weight. January 4th he weighed in at 86 pounds and about 5'0 - size 8/10. this was good news because he'd always been close to underweight. Thought nothing of it. mid last month is when i noticed he was starting to get chubby. He wears a lot of slim-fit clothes, and I noticed his pants were a bit tight around his thighs, and his shirt seemed a bit tight aswell. I thought nothing of it, just maybe he'd grown a bit. Now, the 6th of this month there was definitely more of a difference. That morning, when he came downstairs for breakfast, i couldn't help but notice that he had filled out quite a bit. I didn't want to say anything,the last thing i want to do is make him self concious. I hadn't mentioned it to my wife, either. It was when he sat down at the dinner table, there was an audible pop. It was the button of his jeans. My wife, who I love dearly but sometimes doesn't think, goes over to him and says "Someone's getting chunky" My son's face turned red, mine white. He had no reply. It was kinda akward. The rest of the day panned out, bt when he came home from school i sat him down and we talked for a bit. I gave him the whole "it's a natural part of growing up puberty bla bla bla, growth spurt etc.", and we all went clothes shopping later. Got him a whole new wardrobe- around size 12 or so. Now that the air was broken, he was comfortable telling us he had noticed as well and that he weighed himself and recorded 103. I was a bit shocked but I understood he's ready for a growth spurt. SO time went on, I didn't notice a change once again until today after looking at some pictures we took last month on a trip. He'd definitely gotten even bigger. His gut has grown quite a bit as well as everywhere else. His face is rounder and even his hands, wich he used to complain were bony are filled out. (Oh also, weigh in, 117, 5'1) Today was another round of clothes shopping. Now wearing a 16. I can't help but be worried for him, as this opens up the possibility of self-consciousness and bullying.
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Unfortunately, we’re a very short family. He’s only got a few more inches to go if anything. Today, I assume because of water weight, weighed in at 119. His doctor is concerned.
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Has your son finished puberty? Sounds like he's all set to have a major growth spurt.