From Melanie, Child's Age 16 - 03/20/22 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I wrote a while back about my daughter, Krista, who has put on a bunch of weight since the pandemic started. Well, things have not improved at all since then, and she is now 395 lbs. Every time I try to discuss her weight with her we end up in a fight. She says she is "well aware of how fat she has gotten" and that "she doesn't need me constantly reminding her." But she just keeps getting bigger. I try restricting what she can eat, but she just goes and gets stuff outside the house. I've taken her to the doctor, but she won't listen to them either.
Reply from Melanie, Child's Age 16 - 04/04/22  - IP#:
oh wow, your daughter and mine have gained about as much weight. Is yours still getting bigger too? Krista doesn't seem to care that she keeps growing.
Reply from Elizabeth, Child's Age 21 - 04/03/22  - IP#:
My daughter went from 250 pounds before covid to 418. I know what you’re going though.
Reply from Greg, Child's Age 15 - 03/23/22  - IP#:
She must be having so much trouble moving around. My boy is similar so I can imagine how much frustration you're going through