From Justin, Child's Age 11 - 10/10/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Not the parent, but an Uncle here. Hello people, kinda wanted to poke in here to ask for advice.
I have to look after my Nephew for the foreseeable future, as my Brother has major amount of traveling to do for his work over the next few months.
I haven't had seen him since he had his kid.
so I was in for quite a surprise when I met Martin.
he's 11, and a normal height for his age
but hooh, boy
the weight is anything but.
I asked him to spet on a scale, which he did after some complaint of having to get up.
346 Lbs (156 KG)
I somewhat struggle to care for this kid, and I'm just expected to do so.
he's somewhat spoiled and expects me to bring the food to his room.
In the week or so he has been here already, I haven't seen him leave the room outside of bathroom visits.
And he struggles to walk that way, I had to put a few chairs along the way from the room to the bathroom.
It feels more like what caring for a kindergarten kid feels like.
do any of you guys have Helpful advice for me?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 13 - 10/15/21  - IP#:
Does Martin have a mom? It sounds like your brother has left you stuck. What does Martin do for school? I think you need major help. Take Martin to a pediatrician for a check up and see what he/she recommends. Two years ago we (son and I) were referred to an obesity clinic at a local hospital and it was a big help for both of us. Good luck and let us know how you both are doing.