From Thomas, Child's Age 9 - 08/17/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hello everybody! Father of two boys here aged 7 and 9. I am a bit worried about their weight. Our family are all on the bigger side, and I have to admit neither me nor my wife sets a good example, as we are both quite overweight. Eating good food has always been important to us, and in a busy everyday, exercise has not been the priority. Covid, home office and closed schools exaggerated the problem, and both boys definitely got bigger the last year. They are sort of active, but also eat like adults, and giving in to getting or making desserts and snacks has become a standard. They are not huge, but definitely on the plus side and some. Both happy and healthy. I am not very worried, but if it continues this way, they will be quite big. Are my concerns legit, or do you think it will even out as they grow taller?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 08/21/21  - IP#:
Thomas, you're right to be concerned. When my son was 8, his appetite increased and he began to “eat like an adult", taking extra portions and snacking a lot. I allowed this and thought nothing of it. He quickly grew into husky size clothes and I just thought nothing of it since I’m overweight and started to get chubby when I was my boy Lane's age. We actually thought it was cute when he put on a pot belly. Then came covid and homeschooling and no activities. Now Lane weighs 305 pounds (he turns 13 in October). He's a good boy but his size does hold him back in some areas. I look back now and wish I had limited his eating when he was your boys' age. Trying to do it now is tough. Lane has a huge appetite and trying to restrict his eating is impossible. He likes sports but his size keeps him from playing. Are your sons getting noticeably fat?