From Simon, Child's Age 15 - 08/07/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have two sons, John (15), and William (17). Both of them are on the larger side, John more so than William. They were always on the chubbier side, but ever since the pandemic they have gained a considerable amount of weight. I’m not sure how much they actually weigh, but John is 5’6 and probably around 250, while William is 5’9 and probably the same weight. William carries his weight decently well (stockier/thick build), but John’s weight gain is very evident. He carries a lot of it in his hips and lovehandles. I have tried to get them more active, but both boys are homebody’s and would rather stay and play video games inside.
I’ve spoken about this to my wife and she feels that the boys sizes are completely fine. She also completely spoils them, brings them fast food nearly every day on her way home from work as a snack for the boys. This snack has turned into a full blown meal, burgers, shakes and fries. My wife says that they are growing boys and need to eat, but a 15 year old at 5’6 shouldn’t be wearing XL shirts and XXL shorts. I often work away from home for extended periods of time, and during these periods my wife doesn’t cook and will order days of fast food for the boys for dinner. At home, the boys will eat a lot of my cooking, but also continuously snack during the day, and with covid there’s been less movement.
I’ve watched John and William’s fitness decline, as they both get tired when coming on the rare run with me very quickly. For John, his PE marks wasn’t very good. At his school, they use the presidential fitness test in the beginning and end of each term to mark fitness improvements, and his actually declined.
I’m not sure how to get them moving and active. They are very smart
boys but very lazy. If I let this sit and continue they’ll be 300 pounds in no time and that’s not healthy at all.
Reply from Brian, Child's Age 16 - 08/15/21  - IP#:
Are you very heavy yourself? You can try and set an example for them. If your heavy, diet with them. If not, try and show them what they can achieve. Go in walks with them, get them healthier food and do activities with them
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 17 - 08/15/21  - IP#:
Is there anything with at least some physical activity you can do together? It is not possible to persuade or force kids that age to do some activity they don't like, I think.