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I posted here about my daughter Phoebe last year. At the time she was 5'2" and weighed 230 lbs, having gained over 50 lbs largely due to online school. I wish this was going to be a positive update, but I'm afraid not. I thought things opening up more and going back to in person school in March would help. The family, though the rest of us are a healthy weight, have been trying to support her in being more active and making better choices, but it's been an uphill battle. Though going back to school made her more active, it has also given her the opportunity to sneak more junk food. I keep finding hidden wrappers.
In the past 11 months, she's gained another 55 lbs, weighing in yesterday at 285 lbs. She's still 5'2". It's so sad to see so much weight piled on to such a short frame. She is being investigated for sleep apnea and is pre diabetic. I can't get her to take it seriously. The only thing that upsets her is that she now wets the bed every night rather than once every so often and has had more frequent day time accidents too. Basically, the excess fat is putting more pressure on her bladder.
She carries most of her excess weight on her abdomen and now has a waist greater than her height. Her health scares me so much, she's a ticking time bomb that's already started going off. She's been seeing a pediatric obesity specialist for the past few months and that has helped us gain better insight and understanding, but it hasn't slowed her weight gain yet.
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I can empathise with your story completely.
My daughter is exactly the same.
Its very hard when they won’t take it seriously- especially when they’re teenagers and have a choice in what they do. Extremely frustrating.
After multiple times of me trying to express my concerns about her, she finally let me weigh her and measure her belly. (267lb and 52 inches at 5’1) I was glad that she was finally beginning to come round, but it was devastating to see just how large she’s gotten. I’m not aware of any health conditions she might have because I must admit, it has been a few years since she’s seen the doctor, but she doesn’t appear to be complaining of anything other than being out of breath and her clothes not fitting.
She doesn’t wet the bed thankfully, but I am worried about things that like beginning to happen especially since, like your daughter, most of her fat is in her abdomen, so it must be putting tremendous pressure on her organs.
I do try not to say anything to make her feel worse, but it is very hard not to notice her belly because it protrudes so much and it’s so very round. Like a man’s beer gut.
We have started going on walks after dinner every night. She still fights me when I tell her that it’s time to go out walking, but I never give up on her and tell her that she knows why we need to do it.
I plan to start jogging with her when her fitness levels increase a little, but for now that is off the table. (she’s panting after only a couple of steps)
Try little things like that and maybe sit down and work out a diet plan? Good luck. Do keep us updated.