From Lucas, Child's Age 16 - 07/06/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son Anthony is 16 years old and is as of a few days ago 5'10 and 265 pounds. The last time he was at the doctor was before quarantine in early 2020. At the time he was 5'8 and 180 pounds. He has always been on the pudgier side, but at least he was active in school. I tried to keep his eating under control during quarantine, but I would often find snack wrappers in the trash bin from the night prior when I woke up the next morning. This school year he went in for most of the year, with the additional privilege of being able to drive in. I believe that he and his friends would go to the mall nearly every day and hang out before coming home, and everyone would eat at the mall.
I knew that he was getting bigger and I did comment on it briefly throughout the year to him, but I didn't know that it was 75 pounds in a year and quarter. He's been a bit lazier over the course of the year and I can tell that he doesn't have as much stamina as he did when he was smaller. I don't really know how to address this situation with him. He seemed unfazed by the scale saying 265 and has not made any inclination of changing his habits.
I've taken a closer look into his eating habits and he is eating some kind of fast food or takeout nearly every day, or going to a 7/11 and getting snacks. I have hinted at him to slow down with all of this excess outside eating, but he appears to not really care. I don't want to make him feel bad because he is generally happy with himself, but it's a large weight gain that should be addressed.
Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 07/20/21  - IP#:
Does he have his own money to buy food? Jeongguk has a job and access to car so he buys his own junk food and eat what I make as well. I would say, try again to have a serious talk with him. Let him know you're worried about his health and why. If he still blows you off then maybe leave it for a while. I have to admit I'm giving out advice that I'm not really good at following, I know how hard it is to avoid this subject when it bothers me so much. But maybe he isn't old enough to really care (not a great excuse but he'll learn) or maybe he hasn't realized how bad it is yet. Give him some time because I think the best way is for him to realize it and ask for help if he wants it. I pushed Jeongguk away by bothering him about his weight a lot and it hasn't led to any progress. He gained about 30 lbs during last summer of quarantine and about 60 in the last year (with some failed attempts to lose).
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 07/19/21  - IP#:
Hello Lucas, thanks for asking about Lane. I made a new post because he just went for a physical today. How is Anthony doing? I have to tell you I have a nephew who is Anthony's age who has gained over 150 pounds in the last 18 months. He lifts weights but  is unrecognizable because of all the fat he's put on. He's not fazed by his weight increase at all and seems proud of his size...walks around the house with no shirt on.. he's covered with stretch marks. I'm not sure why boys like your son Anthony and my son Lane and nephew Mario aren't self conscious about being so big but maybe it's a good thing. I was fat shamed as a teen and it really screwed me up. Anyway, best wishes to you and Anthony. 
Reply from Lucas, Child's Age 16 - 07/08/21  - IP#:
Hey Seonghwa, I’ve told Anthony that he needs to watch what he’s eating on many occasions. He’s always been a healthy eater, he would eat as much as me since he was a pre-teen. But sometimes there’s no need to have 4 pieces of chicken with dinner. I did notice him eating more when he was under quarantine, I would buy snacks to lighten up the mood, and looking back he would eat a lot of that. I can’t recall a time where he wasn’t snacking on food. I work second shift, so I’m usually leaving when he’s coming in from school. There’s always a somewhat healthy dinner, but sometimes he’ll order dominos pizza instead. Looking back, he’s ordered a lot of dominos.
He’s eating so much and I don’t know how to curb it, I feel helpless. I paid close attention to what he ate today - he ate a bagel and eggs for breakfast, made fajitas for lunch, went out with friends this evening (assume he ate while out), ate some more fajitas when he came in and brought home dominos. Not including the various snacks. Whenever I’ve mentioned his appetite, he says he’s hungry and that he just needs more food than me (which is true, I personally don’t eat much). I don’t like to focus on weight number, but whenever I’ve mentioned it he just says he’s fine.
Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 07/07/21  - IP#:
What sort of comment did you make? Have you addressed it directly, as in sat down and told him your concerns? I have a hard time with my son to be direct about his weight, I have the same concern about his feelings as you do. But when I am direct I've found that I get more response from him about what's going on.
Reply from Lucas, Child's Age 16 - 07/07/21  - IP#:
Hey Jesse, that was the result after a visit to the doctor. The doctor told him he should shift a few pounds and Anthony said he was okay. I was reading a few posts from you prior, how is everything going with you? Have any tips from dealing with your son? Last post he was a very large boy - hope he lost some weight! We are all in this together :)
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 07/07/21  - IP#:
Perhaps taking him to the doctor for a check up would be a good starting point since it's been so long since his last one. Call the doctor's office in advance, share your concern about your son's weight gain, and ask him/her to talk with your son. Maybe that will help.