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Update: While it looked like it was on the bright side, jack has managed to gain another 14 pounds since last month and now weighs 112 pounds and is still 4'6. He looks huge and wears 14 h jeans (the average for his height is 10 reg.) and he needed a soccer uniform 3 sizes larger than last year's for a comforatble fit. While he did not gain as much as he did 2 months ago, I am still worried about how round he is getting. The other day, as I mentioned in a reply to my older post, when he came walking downstairs without a shirt on, you could see how large he'd gotten. He was bigger than me and my husband. I was shocked,but he seems happier than when he was skinny, as I mentioned before. He told me that he feels much more comfortable. He's back to online school, which also scares me, and he lays in bed all day except for his game days. I want to help him, but my husband and I have tight schedules, and do not live close enough to have relatives bring him, and are not comfortable hiring someone. What can I do for him. I don't want to see him become obese or get diabetes.
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4'8* sorry