From Dave, Child's Age 16 - 01/06/21 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
How is everyone here doing? I have to admit the last couple months with gyms, schools and university closed, working from home, having both boys home has led to bad habits for all of us. Winter season and no gyms open means not a lot of exercise, and snacking and eating takeouts and other things high in calories is quite common.. Both my sons and myself have gained some weight lately, and it's hard to resist all temptations to eat and snack when at home. Anyone experiencing the same challenges?
Reply from Seongwha, Child's Age 18 - 01/05/21  - IP#:
My son was overweight way before quarantine but from march he did gain almost 60 lbs total. He went from around 270 to 325. He is starting to workout and eat less but a few month ago his eating habits were horrifying. It's not all because of quarantine but I think it's part, since he didn't have a reason to move around much. Are your sons overweight? How did they eat before lockdown?
Reply from Brian, Child's Age 16 - 01/05/21  - IP#:
Uh oh, sorry to hear about the weight gain Dave. Hope it hasn't been too much added onto the kiddos. And yeah, same has been happening here. Its not great watching my son's waistline expand, but gyms are closed, school is online, and admittedly through my own fault, takeout is just cheaper and easier to get. I also don't need to risk going to the grocery store. But of course the unintended side affect is my son getting rounder. I try my hardest to get us out of the house for a walk here and there but I'm busy with work and him with school. Hopefully this doesn't last too much longer and hopefully my poor boy doesn't wind up too much bigger