From Aidan, Child's Age 14 - 12/21/20 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
This is not my child, but my friends younger sister, Saima, is very big, I'm not sure exactly how much she weighs, but it seems likely that they're close to 300 lbs. Her older sister came to me annoyed once that a brand new 12 serving cake was gone the next day, her older sister and stepmum had only had a slice each, Saima had eaten the rest. A few hours after that they apparently had takeaway from a local shop and Saima got a 14" pizza and 2 portions of fries, devouring the lot. I bought a onesie for her bithday once, but I had to send it back because the 4X was too tight on her. I'm really worried about her and I need some advice...
Reply from Linda, Child's Age 17 - 12/28/20  - IP#:
Why dont you offer to work out with her even if its a little walk at such a high weight any movement will aid weight loss.
Has anyone spoken to her about her weight?
And has she seen a doctor?