From Karen, Child's Age 11 - 08/25/20 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I just weighted my daughter and she weights 600lb. Her girlfriend who I am now legal guardian of is as big at 500 lb. I dont know what to do. My daughter hips and butt is so big she can't fit through door ways without turning sideways. Both girls help each other with basic tasks like changing clothes or putting on shoes.
Reply from Casting Producer, Child's Age 11 - 11/17/20  - IP#:
We can help! I'm currently casting a tv series around this topic. We’re currently searching for teenagers weighing 400 pounds or more who are ready to embark on a year-long journey to regain their health (with their parents consent). Each episode follows the lives of real people suffering from super obesity on a road to better health as they make the courageous decision to save their lives and change their world forever.
We are hoping to connect with teens 13-17 years old (and their parents), between 400-700 pounds, who live in the continental US and are ready to commit to a year-long program to improve their health. If you or someone you know is interested in this life-changing opportunity, please email:
In the email submission please include:
*Your full name
*Age (13-18)
*Current weight
*Photos- Present and at highest weight
*Contact details for you & your legal guardian
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be in the upcoming series with life-altering results. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you would like to be considered for the show please apply today!