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Hi Jesse, just read your last post. Has Lane seen the doctor since he was 150 pounds? If not a visit is in need once this coronavirus thing goes away it gets better. 243 pounds won’t “even out with height”. At 150, sure, at 243, most likely not. Lane would have to maintain his weight and be 6’3.5 to not be obese. Will he get that tall? Probably not.
I know you don’t want to push Lane into something similar as what your Mom did. You claim that you are concerned, which I’m sure you are, but what are you doing about it? Are you waiting for the “tide” to roll out? I’m going to tell you from experience, at this stage it’s not going to work.
You’re not going to detriment a child by encouraging him to eat less and move more. You will detriment a child’s physical and mental wellbeing by letting him to continue eat unhealthy amounts of food and get even more morbidly obese.
Jesse, my whole family is obese outside of me. I’ve encouraged them to eat less food and move more and it hasn’t worked. Start early with Lane and maybe he’ll develop some habits on the path to a healthier life. I don’t mean to come off as standoffish as I’m in the same situation as you. I’m just encouraging you to do something while you can, while Lane is still healthy and can’t go out and sneak food.
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Jesse, I said that he’s probably nearing that weight. I’m not sure how much he weighs, I just know it’s almost certainly over 300 pounds. Hasn’t been to the doctor in a while and I’m tired of talking to him and my family on why being obese leads to a shorter life. To answer your question, all of my children were of normal weights around the age of 11 (under 130) and my kids led an active lifestyle. It’s not until they started becoming more independent (14+) that they started piling on the pounds. I can control what everybody eats at home, and I don’t buy junk. It’s a waste of money and leads to laziness. But since they have cars and their independent money they buy immense amounts of food outside of home.
Based on the way Lane is growing, I would not be surprised if he gets close, if not hitting 300 at the end of the calendar year. That’s a lot of weight on a small, young frame.
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Felix, in an earlier post you said your son is 5'9" and 335 lbs. How big was he when he was 11?