From Seong Hwa, Child's Age 17 - 03/29/20 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am worried for what to do about my son Jeongguk. He is 6'1, very tall for our family, and I think he weights about 270 lbs but I think it could be more. All his family told him that he needs to eat healthier, exercise, and mostly eat a lot less than what he does. It is very sad to see my youngest child do nothing but eat all day when he is at home. His friends comment on it and play with his belly to tease him, his older brother do this too, but he does not seem to care. He gets out of breath going grocery shopping,climbing stairs in our house and tying his shoes even but when I point it out he just ignores me. I talked to his girlfriend one month ago, she said he told her he wanted to lose weight. This made me happy and I thought I would see him change but he still eats a lot and I think gained even more weights.
Reply from Seong Hwa, Child's Age 18 - 06/06/20  - IP#:
Jesse, thank you for your answer:) How is your son doing?
Reply from Seong Hwa, Child's Age 18 - 06/06/20  - IP#:
He turned 18 few days ago and he's graduating from high school next year. He does not talk about his plan much but he wants to go back to korea for school and he is saying he want to be a counselor for kids. His father is bit strict about what he studies and counselor doesn't make a lot of money but I want him to be happy. He told me he is really stressed about his dad and now that I think of it that is probably why he is gaining weights. I will try to talk to him more about it, but I don't know how without putting on more stress.
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 11 - 06/02/20  - IP#:
Seong Hwa, I'm sorry I don't have much advice. When kids reach their teen years, it's hard to control what they eat. My two nephews, 15 and 19, live with my son (age 11) and me. I keep an eye on what my son Lane eats, but then when I'm not around his cousins will order pizza or fast food and of course they share it with Lane. What career plans does your son have? If it's a career that requires fitness, you might try to talk to your son about his plans and offer to help him eat more healthy so he will meet the requirements for the job. Good luck.
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I would just like some help. I don't know what to say to him and he shows me he does not care. He dose not know that sometimes I cry because of how much he eats. How do other deal with their kids being home now?
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I am still worried for him because he is home from school because of corona virus. He misses his friends so much but I don't think it is good for him to see them now so he stays inside more. He and he's brother go to the grocery store, but that is the only time he really feels like walking around. I haven't noticed if he is eating more but I made him weight himself and he gained more than 15 pounds since he got stayed home from school.
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How is your son doing?