From Ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/22/20 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
When I wrote 14 I meant 140 yes lately he does seem do be eating a lot more then he used to . 5 months ago he was at a weight of 104 pounds but he put on almost 10 pounds a month and I haven't had time to do anything about it
Reply from Felix, Child's Age 16 - 04/02/20  - IP#:
Hi Jesse, please seen new post meant to reply here not there
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 11 - 04/01/20  - IP#:
Felix and Ben, of course I'm concerned about my son's weight. He was always a chubby kid. That changed when he turned 9. He started eating much more, complained of always being hungry, and gained weight rapidly. He was 85 lbs and in a year was 150. I took him for a physical and the pediatrician did a lot of tests and said Lane had "extreme pre-puberty weight gain". She said to watch what he eats and his height and weight would even out with puberty. He hasn't started puberty yet though. When I was 10, I suddenly went from thin to fat (60 lbs in a year) and my mother constantly fat-shamed me and always had me on diets which caused me to sneak food and just get fatter, the end result being I'm now 353 lbs. So, I don't want to push Lane into something similar. We've combined households with my cousin and her 15 year old son because of the virus lockdown so we have a big yard now (1 acre plus) so Lane and I will be able to walk and work in the yard. He does get winded but not as quickly as me but contains the activity after a short rest. He really likes swimming (too bad the Y pool is closed now). So, he loves to eat but is active. He doesn't say anything about his weight Just about the whole extended family is heavy chubby to extremely obese, so he fits in and isn't self conscious at all.
Reply from ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/29/20  - IP#:
This morning my son weighed 164 pounds. Here in california were still allowed to go on walks or hikes. But he refuses to. Before the quarantine clothes were also a problem. All his pants and shirts don't fit him anymore so I get size 14-16 husky for him and even that will be to small in a couple of weeks/months. He does eat more then me now, I'm assuming around 4000 calories daily
Reply from Felix, Child's Age 16 - 03/28/20  - IP#:
Sorry, I meant to add this. I was talking with a mate who’s a pediatrician about my families size and he asked me this question which I’ll forward to you “how bad, or how heavy will your children get before you really push them to lose weight”. Still thinking about that question, but Im thinking yesterday.
Reply from Felix, Child's Age 16 - 03/28/20  - IP#:
Jesse, are you concerned about your son’s weight? I don’t want to be negative but that’s concerning for such a young child. His BMI is around 49/50 and that’s the equivalent of someone being 5’9 and 335 pounds. I don’t mean to be hypocritical, my 16 year old is probably nearing that 5’9 335 mark and it’s devastating watching him wreck his body, I don’t know what I can do because he eats so much behind my back. But an 11 year old you can control his eating as he can’t go out and get food. Maybe try and having less food at home, but it’s time to take a stand before he gets to be 300 pounds at 12.
Jesse, how is his fitness and health? I’d assume he probably gets winded quickly and can’t work out for very long. I’m sure this quarantine period isn’t helpful, but I’m trying to not have my family eat so much as everyone (except me) is obese and it’s heartbreaking watching them. Does he mention anything about his weight?
Reply from Kyle, Child's Age 21 - 03/28/20  - IP#:
Wow 243 at only 11. Sounds like without actively trying to prevent it, your boy is just going to keep growing. At least with the quarentine you wont meed to worry about buying him new clothes ahaha
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 11 - 03/28/20  - IP#:
Kyle, my son is 4'11", a little tall for his age. He outgrew boys husky sizes last year so now for special occasions I just have him wear men's shorts, men's size 42 jeans and chinos are so long in the leg I'd have to pay too much to have them shortened. He mostly wears sweatshorts. Even mens sweatpants that fit his waist and hips are way too long. I buy his clothes at Walmart (cheap!) because the inside of the legs wear out since his legs rub together when he walks. This morning he weighed 243. He wears men's size XXL polos and tees. They're real long on him but he needs that size to fit his chest and belly.
Reply from Kyle, Child's Age 21 - 03/27/20  - IP#:
Don't you have an issue Jesse, where the only garments with a large enough waist are way too long in the leg? Is he tall for his age?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 11 - 03/27/20  - IP#:
Ben, is he your only child? What about clothes? When I took my son clothes shopping (before the present quarantine) it was always a struggle to find stuff that fit, and then he'd outgrow it so fast. My son is 11 too and eats more than I do. We had breakfast this morning g at 7:00 a.m. and then at 9:00 I found him in the kitchen eating a stack of toast with nutella and a glass of milk. He said it was his "second breakfast". I laughed to myself but seriously we've been in quarantine since March 16 and he's gained 2 more pounds. When I took him for a walk yesterday we got stopped by the cops and nicely told to go home and stay home, so no exercise at all.
Reply from ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/26/20  - IP#:
One entree like mac and cheese one side like salad and a drink like milk
Reply from Kyle, Child's Age 21 - 03/26/20  - IP#:
What does a normal portion usually consist of?
Reply from ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/25/20  - IP#:
Today his weight was 156 pounds
Reply from ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/25/20  - IP#:
he sneaks lots of snacks and treats when I'm at work and lately he has 4 portions of dinner and 2 portions of breakfast everyday. I'm pretty sure he eats a lot of lunch when i'm away too.
Reply from Kyle, Child's Age 21 - 03/24/20  - IP#:
Oh no! He broke his leg? Poor guy :( yesh.. would be tough to curb his eating when he has nothing to do. What sort of things is he eating each day, and what are his portions like?
Reply from ben, Child's Age 11 - 03/24/20  - IP#:
Lately My son has gained another 20 pounds because we can't leave our house very often. All he does is eat and play video games. I try to get him to eat less but he doesn't listen and keeps eating. He also used o e very active, he played soccer and tennis but when he broke his leg he decided he was done
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 11 - 03/22/20  - IP#:
The same thing happened with my cousin's son Mario. When he was 11 he gained 80 pounds in a year, all fat. Then, he started getting taller, shot up from 4'11" to 5'10" at age 15. Only thing was that he didn't lose any weight and actually his appetite got even bigger as he got taller. He's almost 300 now with a big belly and massive rear end. He was athletic as a kid but the weight gain at age 11 made him quit all his sports and all he does now is play videogames with his friends and eat. When he visits us or we visit them I notice how much he eats, a whole package of cookies and a quart of milk in one sitting.
Reply from Jordan, Child's Age 11 - 03/22/20  - IP#:
I think it's just bulking up before puberty. My son has been going through a similar phase. Since he started middle school in September he has gone from a chubby 100 lbs to 165 lbs. He seems happy and healthy other than being out of breath easily. The last few weeks of having to stay in doors have been great for him. He has just been laying around and doing whatever he wants. Not much I can do to encourage activity stuck in doors so I've just left it.