From Tessa, Child's Age 14 - 11/28/19 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am the mother of three lovely boys, age 16, 14, and 9.I am mostly worried about my middle son, Jack.
My two oldest have always been on the heavier side, especially actually my oldest. Jack was always what I would consider chubby but his weight has been gradually going up over the past couple years, something the doctor has noted.
But over the last six months it has ballooned really bad, and it is painful for me to see. Jack was always very into sports, especially football. He also started high school in September, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
Last june, at a doctor's appointment he weighed 162lbs at five foot five, making him both tall and a bit bigger then he should. His older brother weighed Around 170ish pounds and was 5 foot 8.
After noticing clothes that fit him then, and were even new at the time no longer fit, a month and a half ago we decided to have a 'family health check up' for all of us and weighed/measured everyone. To my shock he is now five foot six (being generous) and 179lbs. He is actually 15lbs heavier then his older brother while being shorter.
I knew he had gained weight. We actually found very similar photos from late may and late August (basically same location, similar clothes/pose) and you can tell he is just, well, bigger. But putting on 17 pounds over such a short timeframe seems scary, especially when you compare it to his size even a year ago (five foot 2, 130lbs).
His weight has started to have an impact on his activities as well. He made the JV football team at his school, but was forced to play on the offensive line after one game because, according to the coach, there were worries that being bigger then many opposing offensive players he could inadvertently harm them. He also struggled to stay in for a full game, and when we asked the coach he stated that Jack had to be pulled, or requested to be pulled, as he was too tired or out of breath. His plan was to move up to varsity next year, but after the end of the season this year (two weeks ago) he was informed he wasnt going to make that cut.
I know I am rambling, but I really need to know how I can help him lose weight. He is in a loving family, and offered plenty of opportunity to eat healthy meals. He has always been active, and doesn't have any gaming systems (nor has he ever wanted any). In his free time he is still out side playing basketball, football, whatever with his siblings and friends. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Reply from Tessa, Child's Age 14 - 12/15/19  - IP#:
Jesse - He does have a big appetite when allowed to eat unrestricted. But we try to coach moderation and not just allow our kids to eat unrestrained.
That said, a couple weeks ago he was visiting with a friend and apparently ate 3/4 of a large meatlovers pizza he and his friend were splitting. He also is almost always the first to ask for seconds/thirds.
He does have some spending money, but not a ton.
Janice - Sorry to hear about your personal struggles with your son's weight. Jack is aware he is larger then other kids his age, and has expressed concern about it before, but he also doesnt have any willingness to change or pay attention to it. He is popular and well liked by his teachers, friends, etc, so I dont think his weight really holds him back socially yet.
Reply from Janis, Child's Age 14 - 12/05/19  - IP#:
Tessa, has your son Jack said anything about his weight? Have you noticed that he is trying to cut back on portion size or is he eating more as he gets heavier? In order to make any changes in his weight, Jack has to buy into it. My son is also 14, very tall (6'3") and VERY heavy (360 plus) and the problem is he doesn't care about his weight. I don't mean to be negative, but there are so many overweight kids these days Jack may not think it's an issue for him to do anything about. If he's due for a check-up soon, perhaps you could call the pediatrician in advance and ask him/her to bring up Jack's weight with him. Maybe that will strike a spark.
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Tessa, does Jack seem to have a bigger appetite than your other sons? Does he snack more than the other two and take second and third helpings at meals? Does he have pocket money to buy snacks school?