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Hi all, just an update on the situation with my son. I saw Jason for a few days last week and I was quite concerned. He’s definitely much larger than when I saw him in August, I can tell that he’s been eating a lot. His health seemed to have decreased, I noticed that he has been getting more winded going upstairs and bending over to tie his sneakers. We went on a hike as the weather was quite nice and it was obvious that he was struggling somewhat. I’ll admit that the hike wasn’t the easiest but it wasn’t the first time he’s done that hike with me.
When I’ve spoken to my wife about the situation she says that she cooks about half the time and they eat a healthier takeaway on the others. She has lost a noticeable amount of weight over the time period without exercising so I know that the food mustn’t be that unhealthy, contrary to what I knew prior. She and I have both talked to Jason and he says he’ll lose the weight but will continue to eat. We have refused to buy him clothes (honestly because he won’t tell us what size to get), but he’ll spend his job money on clothes so it is fine in that aspect.
It’s obvious that he has a junk food addiction but we are at ends to figure out how to curb it. He works at a fast food place, where I’m sure he gets food, and there are many places within a very short walking distance to get sweets and sandwiches. I’m pretty sure he’s stopping after school. It’s gotten to the point where there’s no junk food in either of our houses but he’ll sneak food in and gorge himself in his room.
As my wife is the one who is at home with him, she’s tried to get him to workout but he’ll either just walk around the neighborhood (probably getting food) or will downright refuse. She works weird hours so there’s a few nights a week where she suspects he’ll eat the food she prepared earlier in the day and order/obtain other food.
Any and all suggestions desperately welcome.
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Hi Janis, yes, PE is a joke at Jason’s school as well. Change into a PE kit and you pass. Don’t even have to do the exercises. I guess the reduction of actual PE classes contribute to the growing child obesity problem. Janis, how big has your son gotten? Is he doing athletics in high school? Does the added bulk make him winded, etc? I have no clue how much Jason weighs, I just know it is over 300 pounds and it’s concerning. It’s difficult to find clothes for him and he just eats so much food. He came up to visit me last weekend, arrived Friday night, stocked up on junk food from the local late night without my immediate knowledge and pretty much gorged on that all weekend. I generally cook enough for leftovers for lunch the next day, but even doubling my meals (enough for 4 meals) I would eat about 1 serving and he’d eat the remainder in one sitting. And has then proceeded to go to the store and get apple pie cakes! I don’t know what to do at this point, he’s like a bottomless pit with a rapidly expanding waistline.
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Felix, my experiences with my son match yours. He's a freshman in high school and required to take PE, but he tells me it's a joke (because of his size, he was placed in a special PE class for overweight buys). Just from things he and his friends (all of whom are chubby/fat)talk about, which I overhear when I'm chaufeurring them around, they all think they know what's best for themselves and in fact take pride in how much they can eat and talk about having mukbang contests.
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Hi Sarah. To answer your questions: I have reason to believe he is sedentary pretty much when not in school or working. He’ll drive or take the bus home and essentially sit and eat all evening. My wife doesn’t buy much junk food but on the occasion she does it’s gone very quickly. PE in school is a joke. It’s pass fail and you pass if you change, which Jason does. I don’t know about his performance in the PE class but from what I’ve gathered you can skirt without doing exercise. From what I’ve gathered anything other than pure walking (running, stairs, steep hills etc) will get him winded. There haven’t been any events that I know of that would have embarrassed him. He is doing well in every area except his weight. I’ve had doctors talk to him, his older brothers who are in university are talking to him and it’s like it goes in through one ear and out through the other.
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How many hours is he sedentary, does he have physical exercise at school, how does he perform in that? Apart from stairs what other difficulties does he face and does he recognize that they effect him? Is he embarrassed about his size or some particular event when he was,maybe it motivate him.