From Allison, Child's Age 21 - 08/11/19 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Please see my previous post for more info.
My granddaughter went back to school recently. She was very excited for the open house and the school encourages the whole family to come so I went, along with my daughter, and granddaughters other grandparents. While we were there, you could see just how large my granddaughter (I’ll call her Ava) was compared to the other children. Her other grandparents approached me with their concerns. Her grandfather is very into running, and he said he tried to get Ava to run with him, but she said it hurt her stomach too much. She was winded before they even got started. When she’s with them, they also try to make her healthy meals, but she won’t eat it. We don’t know what else to do. We want her to have a good childhood without a huge belly in the way. My daughter knows this. I’m sure at her pediatric apoitmnets it has been brought up.
Does anyone have any good fun workouts for little kids? Also any good places to shop? She never gets the cute clothes because the children’s sizes aren’t usually big enough.
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How old is your granddaughter?