From Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/11/19 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Sorry this is a little off topic but I need advice. My wife died 7 years ago when my sons were 5 and 3. The younger one, Lane is having a real hard time with tomorrow being Mother's Day.For the past week all Lane talks about is his mom, why did she have to die (car crash), what was she like, etc. I answer all his questions but it's never enough...
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/17/19  - IP#:
Tom, they go to a small charter school and have a lot of friends. I'm fat myself (238 lbs) and so was their mom so it's no big deal to them. They have no problems going shirtless in public (hot weather, pool) while I did when I was a fat kid their age. I'm happy they have self confidence.
Reply from Tom, Child's Age 16 - 05/16/19  - IP#:
Do they seem to mind or notice? have their friends said anything?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/14/19  - IP#: but he'a little shorter than Lane was at the same age so Lane really shows the added weight. It's a struggle to find pants off the rack that fit him but now the weather is warmed he wears sweatshirts or basketball shorts, men's size L
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..I'm going to let them have something to eat. Leo is getting taller and his voice is cracking and I've had "the talk" with him so I think the doctor was right about it being pre-puberty weight gain. His weight seems to have stabilized.Lane is 18 months younger and his weight is zooming...
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/14/19  - IP#:
Tom, both boys put on some weight after their mom passed, but only from thin to chubby. The drastic weight gain for each came at age 9. The doctor says its prepuberty weight gain and "overnourishment" which means they have too much to eat but when they tell me all the time they're hungry off course....
Reply from Tom, Child's Age 16 - 05/13/19  - IP#:
I assume he started gaining weight after her death? I remember when my father died (I was 9) I gained a lot of weight
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/13/19  - IP#: now 158. We walk in the afternoon or evenings when the weather is good. Lane eats all the time and when I remind him we just had lunch an hour ago (for example) he tells me he's hungry as he eats pbj sandwiches with a glass of milk. I don't have the heart to take the food away from him.
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Thanks for your reply Dave. I'been answering all Lane's questions and showing him pictures of his mom. Yesterday on Mother's Day we went to a restaurant that was her favorite. Boys got a big kick out of that. They still eat a lot, Lane more than Leo. Leo's weight is stable, about 225. Lane..
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 15 - 05/12/19  - IP#:
I would definitely answer his questions as good as possible. Your sons are old enough to get the whole story, even though it might not be the easiest for you. How is their eating habits and weight coming along?
Reply from Jesse, Child's Age 12 - 05/11/19  - IP#:
..for him. Leo, the oldest, just stays silent. It's so hard for me, my wife was the only girl I ever loved and she was my whole world. It's so painful when Lane keeps asking about her but I want him to know her. Any advice, please?