From Samantha, Child's Age 13 - 12/05/18 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have some concerns around my son's weight. He used to be a very active kid, hockey, soccer, track, and with being a time came a huge appetite. Last year he broke his leg on the ice and was in a wheelchair for 3 months and he continued to eat the same as he always had. My mother in law came and stayed with us and looked after him while he was stuck at home and then picked him up from school when he was back at school. I was working evenings and often doing 7 in a row so I didn't see Tony much during the start of his weight gain. My mother in law let him eat what he wanted and he did following the same food routine he was used to going to McDonald's after practice but he wasn't going to practice anymore and he wasn't exercising. He put on a lot of weight very quickly. In those 3 months he went from an athletic 120 lbs to a fat 150 lbs without much muscle. He now doesn't want to do anything active. He was too slow for his soccer team, track team and hockey team and he didn't care. He seemed relieved. Now all he wants to do is sit on the couch and eat the same amount and kind of food as when he was active. My mother in law let's him and I can't make her or my husband see reason. My little star player is now becoming this fat blob and no one cares. Help.
Reply from Janis, Child's Age 13 - 12/20/18  - IP#:
Have you had your son checked out by your pediatrician? Perhaps she/he can speak with him and your family about his recent weight gain. Maybe hearing from a doctor about the dangers of your son getting so fat would wake them up.Good luck.
Reply from Aiysha, Child's Age 11 - 12/06/18  - IP#:
Tony is 4'10.
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How tall is your son, Samantha?