From Maria, Child's Age 13 - 08/30/18 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
It’s been two years I think since I posted on here about my son David and his weight problem. I’ve no idea how active this board is, but I don’t have anyone in my life who can relate to my sadness about this, so hopefully others will see this and be able to empathise. David has literally been a fat boy his entire life. He was a short, 10lb baby at birth, and has pretty much remained that way ever since. I personally have never had issues with my weight, and nor has his
dad or his siblings, so it’s been a contentious subject in our household to say the least. Fortunately though, since my last post, David has managed to lose almost 22lbs. Ok, in two years that doesn’t sound like so much, but trust me, for him it’s amazing. He has fought so hard to do this, cutting out all the chocolate and soft drinks he binged on and exercising with his brothers religiously. We’re really all so proud of him, but, it never stops does it 😢 It’s probably going to take him many more years to get anywhere close to being considered a healthy weight, but I’d stupidly thought that because he’d lost a noticeable amount, the kids at school would ease up on him. Did they though? Did they hell!!! If anything they doubled their efforts to torture him even more. I can’t even go into some of the things he’s been subjected to this year without bawling, and these are just the incidents I know about! He hides so much from me, just like he’s hid his binges for years. I really do feel that his comfort eating is as much a form of suicide as jumping off a bridge would be. The only difference is, it’s slower. There’s so much sadness in our kids, I can’t even. The school has been useless, and I’m dreading now that it’s all going to start again when he goes back. He’s worked his ass off this summer, but I’m terrified it’s all gonna be undone as soon as the bell rings. All his hard work could be sabotaged because of what?! Because he’s fat?!?! Honestly, anyone who reads this, I hope so much your children don’t suffer at the hands of others because of their size. It is so cruel and so hard to build up their self esteem from it. You can blame our kids for finding solace in a candy bar.