From Lillie, Child's Age 7 - 04/23/18 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone.
So my 7-year old has been under evaluation for about a year for his weight. I can’t specifically remember his height but I know he weights about 70 lbs. So I’m a little worried because we have been taking small steps, like eating better and exercising more, but he missed his last doctors appointment, about 6 months ago, because of some factors in our life, like my husband getting into a car accident and us having no transportation for a while. My son has a doctors appointment next month, and I’m a little worried because there really hasn’t seemed to be much difference in his weight yet. We have started getting more into exercising and coming up with games to get us back into a healthy lifestyle, as we did get out of it for a little while with everything going on. Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of interesting exercise routines or exercise games for a 7-year old boy? Thank you!
Reply from Fred Risher - 11/29/18  - IP#:
Maybe we can help out! We are producing a 2 hour TV special on Pediatric Obesity. Any interested families should email me ASAP! My email address is: