From Ben, Child's Age 11 - 04/09/18 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son has always been chubby, I'm not exactly the best role model as I'm overweight, probably a little obese but not massively so. This last year his weight has exploded and I sort of ignored it and thought he'd grow into it and have a growth spurt or something. Still no growth spurt and he has pushed from about 140 lbs to nearly 200 lbs in a year. I'm a single parent and he's a latch key kid. I don't pay a lot of attention to what he's eating or what I'm eating, but still I wasn't expecting to see such a big change. At the doctors there was no pulling punches, I was told flat out he was very obese and his checkup revealed early signs of some health problems. I've no idea where to start with any of this and need some help with turning things around. Help please.
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 14 - 05/31/18  - IP#:
Sorry about the late reply! Well, he has always been on the bigger side, so not really quickly, no. He did maybe put on the most right before puberty hit, might be the same happening to your son.
Reply from Ben, Child's Age 11 - 04/11/18  - IP#:
Dave, did your son ever put on a lot of weight quite quickly?
Where does he carry the weight on his body?
You mentioned his weight, but is he tall for his age?
Reply from Ben, Child's Age 11 - 04/10/18  - IP#:
By the time I get home I'm too tired for physical activity and on weekends I'm too busy to do it normally. He won't participate at school in gym and he refuses to go for a walk with me the few times I've found time to.
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 14 - 04/11/18  - IP#:
I would recommend to look at some physical activity. My 14 year old is around 250-260 lbs, maybe a bit more, and I am obese myself, I am in the same situation as you, except no health issues. We are both relatively physically active now, which helped a lot.
Reply from Ben, Child's Age 11 - 04/10/18  - IP#:
I suppose yeah there's lots of snacks. I get home pretty late so we usually just have something quick and easy. Pasta or takeout. He loves kraft dinner. He makes that for himself when he gets home from school.
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 14 - 04/11/18  - IP#:
Maybe you try to be a bit more active with him? Do some walks, half an hour a day together or so to begin with. What do you guys usually eat? Do you have a lot of snacks around? Those are also points to pay attention to.
Reply from Ben, Child's Age 11 - 04/10/18  - IP#:
Neither of us is very active. He is probably less active than me, but it's still not great on my part.
He had stuff on his neck and under his arms that the doctor said was signs he might get diabetes. He also had high blood pressure and the doctor thinks he might have sleep apnea.
Reply from Dave, Child's Age 14 - 04/11/18  - IP#:
How is yours and his physical activity level? That is often a good start, and let him grow into hia weight instead of big weight loss. What health problems are we talking about?