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I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter named Grace who is obese for years she was overweight but is now considered obese. I know she's fat. She has a a very very large double chin and an enormous belly. I didn't really notice how big she was getting until a few weeks ago we were at a pool party (girls play, moms chat) she had decided to wear a cute little bikini made for way lighter girls. I saw her stomache exposed for the first time in a while and I couldn't help but notice 3 things 1. She has fat rolls WILE SHES STANDING 2. Her stomache jiggles to the point were she has to hold it to keep from falling and 3. When she sits down she can hold items in the rolls of her stomache. I feel like a failure. She is 8 years old and at her last appointment 223lbs. The apoibtment was about 7 months ago. She eats healthy but over eats to high extremes on a normal day she eats about 5 full meals 4 of which include dessert. I of corse don't feed her all of this but she eats it on her own. As far as exercise she has PE twice a week and plays outside 2 a week as well. She doesn't feel fat at all which is good and bad. Good because she should be happy and bad because you have to acknowledge a problem in order to fix it. Also I asked her if she could see her toes the other day and she said no. I have been righting this over a span of 2 days so welcome to day 2
Last night I weighed her and asked her to read the number because I didnt have my glasses on and she told me she couldn't quite see it. The number was 289 which is wayyy to high for a kid her age the only problem with taking her weight down is that she can barely do any real physical exercise. I actually watched her set her stomache down on the table last night. And when I went to wake her up this morning I tried to be silly a tap her stomache and when I did it created a ripple which made me cringe. She didn't wake so I tapped her again and decided to feel for her rib cage. Either the fat hides it or she doesn't have one. I feel terrible watching her eat because I know it's having terrible effects on her body but I can't control if she eats a pint of ice cream while I sleep. I watch her struggle to fit in chairs and take breaks climbing the stair case. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!
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The only child who is healthy is my 4 year old Marlee!!
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For your information the story's are real all 3 of them. I didn't want to post that I have failed to the point that all 3 of my kids were overweight. So I thought if I used fake names (for myself) then people wouldn't judge as much. You must understand this
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Not posting three probably fake stories in 3 days might help. "Stomache" is a dead giveaway as is the barely changing IP.
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Hi Marrybeth.
I think it's great that you want to fix Grace's weight problem now while she's still so young. It's much easier to change a child's diet when they are still dependent on you to buy them food. However, it's going to take A LOT of tough love.
I think it's best to stop buying desserts and junk food. No more ice cream, pizza, potato chips, cake, etc. It's very hard to put a child on a diet, unless the whole household goes on the diet too. I know that she is getting all the excess food by herself, but she's only 8. I think it's down to you to tell her no. And remember, she can't eat what you don't have.
If she eats out of boredom, try to get her interested in other activities. There's so many little craft projects you can get for kids. Or maybe teach her how to sew or something. Anything to get her mind off of food.
It's good to have set meal times (with minimal to no snacking in-between). If she complains about being hungry after only just eating a meal, tell her that she will just have to wait.
When it gets really hard for me, here's some mantras that i kinda use to get me back in the right frame of mind:
-Food is for fuel, not fun
-Hunger is just a feeling
-Flavor only lasts seconds, fat can stay for years
I hope you can keep a clear vision of what you want; a healthy happy daughter. Do whatever you can to make sure Grace never reaches that 300lbs point. She will thank you later. Good luck!