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I need some advice from parents whose sons have played football. My son came home from school today and told me that the football coach for the 7th grade football team wants him to play next school year (he's finishing 6th grade now. He's tall and heavy for his age (over 5'4" and 161 pounds). He's been in swimming, which has helped him control his weight gain (he has a huge appetite). What will the effects of football be? Can anyone tell me if you think he should stay in swimming or play football? Thanks.
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Thanks for your help, Blanch. I took Paul for the required physical yesterday afternoon. He's 65 inches tall and weighs 166. He's so enthusiastic! I'm hoping the training will help him build muscle and lose some of the baby fat he's put on over the past year.
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I'm glad to here your son is going to be playing football and that hes excited for it. It will be a great way for him to get and stay in shape and as he moves into high schooll the football coaches will begin teaching the kids the proper ways of lifting weights so Paul can gain some muscle mass. I'm glad he will still get to do both sports. he sounds like he will do very well.
All THE BEst,
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Thanks for your reply, Blanch. There was a parent meeting on Saturday for parents of 6th grade boys interested in football. Paul is very enthusiastic and so I'm going to let him do it. He can still take part in swimming. The Swim has a team but also is just a place for boys and girls to swim, play water polo, etc. It's been a struggle to get Paul to be active since he put on so much weight last year. So, football it is and I will continue to pay his Swim Club dues so he can go there when he has time.
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Blanchnb Here,
Salutations Janis. May I call you Janis? I think it would be good for your son to play football. Perhaps ask your son what he would enjoy doing more. Football can and will provide your child with the necessary exercise he needs. Perhaps he can do both sports. Football is usually in the fall and winter. Swimming is usually in the spring. So there is opportunity for him to do both. I think both sports are rewarding and a great way to getr exercise.
All the best,,