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My daughter is 17, 5 feet tall, and 195 pounds. She has been chubby her whole life and "overweight" for a few years. She gained 10-20 pounds per year since she was 14, and gained 35 pounds in the last year. Is she obese?? Why did she put on so much weight?? I try to cook healthy meals. She eats so much, she gorges herself at dinner every night, her portions are really big, but no matter how much food I give her she wants more. I feel awful withholding food from her so I just buy more food. She always snacks before dinner. The first thing she does when she gets home from school is get a bag of potato chips and lay down in front of the TV. She eats ice cream every night after dinner. I used to give her a small bowl of ice cream when she was younger. Now that she's older she gets it herself and her portions of it keep getting bigger. She will mindlessly eat it right out of the tub while watching TV. She gets no exercise at all and I'm worried she's out of shape. She breathes heavily walking up the stairs. She has become so incredibly lazy since gaining weight. She will spend all day on the couch doing nothing but eat!! I let her keep a lot of candy and a small fridge filled with sodas in her bedroom. Is that a mistake? I just want to show her love and eating makes her feel so happy, yes she eats a little bit too much but is it really wrong if it's what makes her feel happy and pleasure? I just want her to be happy so bad. I am okay with some fat on her, I think a bit of belly fat is normal for any girl and nothing to be ashamed of. But in the last year it has gotten so extreme. There is so much fat on her body and most of her fat is around her belly which is her fattest area. Her waist is the thickest part of her body, thicker than her hips. She has literally hundreds of clothes that don't fit anymore. She loves bikinis and has about 12 but she can't fit into any of them anymore. I'm trying to find a bikini bottom that will fit her waist which I'm guessing is about 40 inches? She got so upset when I couldn't find one and bought her an extra large one piece. We constantly argue over her weight. It is such a big issue. I keep having to buy her new pants and underwear because her waist size is growing. But she gets upset and insists her old clothes still fit. She will squeeze herself into shorts she can't button and leggings that stretch so much around her waist and thighs that are too thick for them. She wears leggings to school even though they are way too tight and you can see all her lumps and fat on her bum. She wears shirts too small for her and is constantly trying to pull them down over her belly. She looks uncomfortable! How do I get her to wear clothes her own size that will look better?? How unhealthy is she really? Is her belly going to cause health problems? Why did she gain so much fat on the belly but not other places like her arms or chest?
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I was 195-196 lbs myself, five years ago., what you need to do as a parent, you need talk to your daughter how really worried you re.
I used to eat big portions all the time, your daughter I 'd say she is out of shape' you need to get the fridge out of her bedroom. but tough love, I could relate to this, sneaking food for you as a mother to admit gulit that's a big to speak out.
your daughter health is important, I was lazy myself, I magned to lose 30-35 lbs. if she dose deicde to her w.t. + healthy serousely,. just let her know you 'll support her!!, Forever 21 dose 've a plus section, Sizes XXL-3X. JCPENNY, Lady brayt, The Loft, Cold Water Creek, online only, your daughter can do this!!, I remember breathing heavily,. I was once pushing 200 lbs that scared me. I also drank a lot of soda, like 4-6 cans of orange soda. I 'd not let her keep a lot of candy all the time,. cut potato chips.. not forever for a while. my mom was really concerned when I was 195 lbs., I was the same h.t. only three years younger, than your daughter.., don't give up on your daughter. I 'd unplug the TV in her bedroom.. that means limiting TV to like half an hour-one hour or only for the weekend., be a good role model for your daughter. she enters college next fall or two years. she won't be always to 've a fridge in her dorm., I'm glad you try the best to make healthy meals, I used to gorge myself a lot don't buy more food. you 've to be the parent + say no to her. she not an adult till she turns 18.. giving into her isn't a good idea.