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I posted this in a reply to someone else's but haven't heard back so hopefully someone reads this and can help.
I have a problem with my new wife's son. Nobody knows his weight because he won't allow himself to be weighed but everyone (wife, her parents and family) just feeds him whatever he wants. He is the pickiest eater in the world and he is obviously quite overweight if not obese! I dont know what to do about it either. His life is in his computer chair surrounded by all the snacks my wife brings him and stuck in front of a screen. She doesn't regulate his bed time so he'll stay up until 4 am playing grab a few hours sleep before school. His diet is high in fat, sugar and salt and that's about it. No nutritional value!
He goes to his dads house and I suspect its the same thing.
I feel like i'm the only one in the family afraid for the poor boy's heart, but as the newcomer to all of this I don't know what to do or say and I don't want to start a fight that ends with us divorcing over this.
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I'm not really sure my wife would approve of me doing that. I don't check here everyday so if you have any other suggestions email me:
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by him a size or two smaller two let him see how much extra weight he has on his belly