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Hi All,
I posted here a while back (i believe August), and overall my other 3 sons have lost a fair amount of weight. However since I moved to London this summer,my wife and I have noticed that my step-son Mark has put on some weight. Back in New Jersey, he was very athletic and ran cross country. We have noticed that here in the UK he is more depressed and is eating a lot more rubbish from the sweet shop. I find it odd how he didn't like NJ and wanted to desperately go back to England, and now since we are here, he has changed so much. Based on my calculations, he gained roughly 20-25 pounds since my last posting in August. I have booked an appointment with the psychologist, but that is 6 weeks away and I don't want him to gain another 10 pounds during that time span.
Please give suggestions as I am out of ideas. Thanks and Happy Holidays
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The thing is he isn't willing to hustle and can't exactly force him into an after school sports program because he volunteers at church after school. His mum is in denial about how fat he is, and says there is no problem. If it was solely up toe he would be in cross country after school.
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You need to get your son into some 4-5 times per week serious athletic program. I mean, it is not overly complicated if he is willing to hustle, get his heart rate up, and shed the new london lazy pounds.
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