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Hi, I'm posting this to see if any parents have any helpful suggestions to help me get my daughter motivated to get healthy and lose weight. She is a beautiful girl and has a heart of gold. She is 5'2" tall and I suspect about 190lbs. She loves to eat but is very lazy. She plays a couple of sports throughout the week, but they are only for an hour each. She loves to go but is there more for the social aspect then the exercise itself. We have had many talks on eating healthy and getting fit. We encourage her, have tried to motivate her, even with a rewards system... New wardrobe, money etc but nothing seems to work. I've offered to join the gym with her, boot camp etc. I've even tried to scare her with the health risks... Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. She seems to get excited, motivated, then within a day or to isn't interested.
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(Still me) She loves to eat, and overeat at that. I suspect that she sneaks food when we are not home. She's all about the carbs!!! Her clothes are getting tighter and tighter and I have to keep buying her larger sizes. She can't wear a lot of the newer styles. She's larger then any of her friends. She carries the weight around her tummy mostly. I worry about her, not only about her health but about others being mean to her. She's never going to be a skinny tiny girl and I don't want or expect that. I just want her to be healthy and want to be healthy. I don't want to be mean, and don't want this to be the focus of our relationship. I'm just looking for some suggestions or thoughts....