From Alison, Child's Age 16 - 01/03/14 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
How do your kids wear their pants? Over or under their belly? Its harder to find bigger pants that fit over,but she says it's uncomfortable to let it hang over. When she wears them over though the pants dig in and create rolls over the top. They leave red marks,so I don't think that looks comfortable either. Which way do your kids wear them? She is also insecure with her bra creating "back fat" where her fat on her back bulges over the top and bottom of the bra. Suggestions to help that?
Reply from Ellen, Child's Age 11 - 06/15/14  - IP#:
My daughter wears her pants under her belly; if she wears them over they're way too small. She does get laughed at at school though apparently when she has to lift up her belly fat to get the button during gym, and she always has painful red marks when she takes them off. I'm not sure what to do about that though.
She is self conscious about her chest at the best of times. She's only 11, but she has wears a C-cup. In any case, I'm don't think it's the bra that causes her back fat; she has it when she takes it off too.
Reply from Alison, Child's Age 16 - 02/16/14  - IP#:
Seems you have it a little worse Mary. I hope that we don't get to that point.
Reply from Mary, Child's Age 17 - 02/02/14  - IP#:
My child is extremely overweight, and she wears her pants around her stomach. This does create some problems, such as creating two large rolls even when standing. Her stomach also hangs very low and cannot often fit in the pants. It rubs on her thighs and makes the skin sore. However, her stomach is so large that I am unable to find clothes to contain it if she wears her pants beneath her stomach.
Reply from Michael, Age 18 - 01/17/14  - IP#:
Hi Alison, I'm 5'7" and weigh 280lbs. I wear my pants under my belly and let my belly hang over my pants because it's how I feel more comfortable wearing them. You could take your daughter to a plus size or maternity section of a store and try on some of the pants there and see which ones fit comfortably. As for the back fat wearing some shapewear could help. So whatever is more comfortable for your daughter is the best thing to do.
Reply from Alison, Child's Age 16 - 01/03/14  - IP#:
Thank you Maria. I agree that she should wear the pants under,but she hates how it looks and claims that it hurts to let it hang with no support since it is heavy and she carries weight in the belly.
Reply from maria, Child's Age 14 - 01/03/14  - IP#:
Hi I'm 14 and weigh 150lbs. I try to wear mine over my belly but when I do my belly just bulges over the top and I hate it! So sometimes it looks better if I just let it hand loose lol! If she's worried about the rolls wear a baggier top that wont cling to them. Maybe she could wear pants with elastic waistbands so they wont dig in. With regards to the bra, get one with a wider chest band so it doesnt dig in. Also you can get knickers that are quite big to keep ur fat in. I'd recommend them. Hope this helps :)