From jeff, Child's Age 9 - 10/22/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My son is 9 years old and he is the largest kid in his class. He keeps growing out of his clothing. Now he is a size 34 the same size as me, but Im way taller and very fit (im 38 years old). No one in our family is over weight on our side, but on his moms side several folks are over weight and i believe he could have their eating habits or slow metabolism Gene. He takes pride in food and will say he is hungry 20 min after a huge meal. His mother was had a eating disorder when she was younger, so I think she has trouble addressing the situation.
What to do? try to keep active? He is very active.
change his eating habits? He finds a way to eat more and he doesn't really eat junk.
Should I address it and tell him im worried about his health? His brother that is 5 and doesn't have a ounce of fat on his body is starting to make fun of him.
Both my self and my x wife haven't said a thing, but continue to try to get him to eat healthy and not over eat.
any input would be great!!!!!
Reply from sven, Age 12 - 10/25/13  - IP#:
i was the fattest kid in my school :(
Reply from Mario, Child's Age 13 - 10/22/13  - IP#:
I'd suggest you take him to the doctor for a check up. Some boys are just naturally big (taller and heavier than average) with large appetites. If his height and weight are proportionate, and he's active and eating healthy (not junk food) the main thing would be to help your son learn how to resist the teasing and be proud of himself. If you notice now that your son is a "couch potato" and eats a lot of junk food, your docotr should check out your son to make sure he's not pre-diabetic, etc. If he's inactive, you might want to get him involved in physical activities with you---swimming, jogging, cycling. Hope this helps.