From Cathy, Child's Age 18 - 08/13/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My 18 yr old daughter has always been a "bigger" girl, but I had always kept her very active in sports so she always looked good/healthy. When she was 17, she started to have issues with anxiety and depression. She quit soccer and gained a bit of wt and started looking fat. Now she is secretly bing eating and has probably gained 50 pounds in the last 6 months. Most likely 220-250lbs. It's a sensitive subject. She's going away to college and I worry about her gaining another 50 lbs! (She is seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist) The rest of the family is ht/wt propotioned, we have nothing but healthy food in the house; but she goes to the store and buys bags full of junk food and sneaks it into her room( I find the empty packages) Help! What do I do!!! I am feeling embarrased by her and find her belly and heavy breathing repulsive, yet I adore her
Reply from Mario, Child's Age 13 - 08/15/13  - IP#:
There's a major disconnect when you say you "adore" your daughter yet find her "repulsive" now that she's gained weight. Your daughter is on the threshhold of adulthood and is getting help for her depression. You need to be supportive of her efforts to get help for herself. Perhaps you should see a mental health professional to find out why you are so repulsed by your daughter's physical appearance. All young people are sensitive to what's happening around them. I bet that your daughter is aware of your "repulsion" even though you may not have said anything. Get help for yourself, please!