From AMM, Child's Age 10 - 04/03/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Iam deeply concerned about my 10 yr old she is currently 5 feet nd weighs 175. Im just so scared for her health but also on how kids may be treating her at school. She is very quiet and seems to keep her feelings sheltered. Please help I need ideas to on how to help her lose weight without making her feel bad about herself
Reply from Michelle, Child's Age 14 - 12/21/13  - IP#:
What I did was schedule a doctors appointment and tell the nurse on the phone about how my daughters weight was concerning me. I let the doctor explain obesity to her and simply followed through with his weight loss plan.
Reply from jeanie, Child's Age 10 - 06/20/13  - IP#:
she 10 years old ,she weight 138 pound.what can i do help her to loose some weight please