From Rachel, Child's Age 9 - 05/23/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My daughter is 9 years old and weighs 155. she wears a womans 10-14. she has a double chin and is bordering diebetes. she has the stuff on her neck that shows this. not to mention she can eat and then like not even 10 minutes later eat some more or claim she still hungery when there is no possible way for her to be. she has behavior problems and a grandmother and brother that dont help too much with self esteem. im on the other end of the spectrum. i weigh..well alot and my thing is i dont get hungery, never really have. but i eat. ive i only ate when i was hungery it would be every couple of days. ive gone to a nutritionist and asked for help. they wont touch her cause shes only 9, not 15. they wont even look at her at the diebets clinic cuase she doesnt have diebets or a teen. they tell me to take care of it but if i dont i dont know how to do it, how am i supposed fix something i dont know how. when i talk to her about her weightm she tears up and lowers her eyes like a beat dog but not even 5 minutes later shes eating again. i dont get it.
Reply from Grace, Child's Age 17 - 07/04/12  - IP#:
Hi, Rachel. I happened to see your story about your daughter and I wanted to tell you what happened to me. I'm seventeen (I have no children, lol) and from the time I was about 12 or so, I started noticing how much bigger I was than my sisters. I kept gaining over the years and I couldn't seem to lose weight no matter what I did. So finally my mom took me to see an Iridologist. She told me that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my body that was causing me to crave fatty, sugary foods and it was keeping me from losing weight. So she gave me some natural supplements to take and put me on a special diet that would "starve" the yeast out. So far, it's worked wonders. In several months I've lost 20 pounds, and I feel so much better. My self esteem is starting to soar. I still have a long way to go, but I'm excited because doing this makes me feel better physically and emotionally. I hope this helps you and encourages your daughter.
Reply from rachel, Child's Age 9 - 06/10/12  - IP#:
she has behavior problems to begin with as well. she has seen an endrocronoligist (?) but that was for puberty. we go back on the 20th. then on the 9th of july for mental disorders. she will get to see a nutritionist then. mason city is messed up real bad as far as help. its all money, money, money!but thats everywhere. they dont have child nutritionist here and i dont want to go to mayo or the twin cities. they want to create jobs but dont want to help build a rec center here that can and will create jobs and help the community. georgia was worse. her thyroid and everything is just fine. so they have no idea as to whats going on.
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Sorry, my child's age is 9, not 38 as it states in the previous reply. Lol
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My post above might help a little? My 9 yr old son has eating issues. It also doesn't help your daughter if her own grandmother isn't helping her self-esteem... how horrible! Verbal abuse is mental abuse so essentially, her grandmother is abusing her in a way so horrible that those scars will never heal or go away. I went through that with my father when I was 10. When I lost weight, he wanted to be my daddy. I recently gained due to hormone replacement and the jokes started again. I have pulled myself away from him. He may be my dad but it doesn't give him a right to be cruel =) Anyway, if no dietitian will see your daughter, you're not going to the right places. A dietitian will see ANYONE. Call your hospital and make an appointment. If you're on state assistance, you may need to call to make sure it's covered. If you need a referral, call your regular doctor to have them send in the request to your insurance company. If you have no insurance, there are programs that will help you, like the United Way. Also, call an Endocrinologist, which is a diabetes/thyroid specialist. They will see your daughter regardless. they will test her thyroid and blood sugar levels. If she isn't diabetic and her thyroid is fine, there will be no reason for her to go back to them =) It sounds, though, that a child therapist/psychologist is a necessity in your child's health. Again, if you have no insurance, almost every community has an office for family services that will work with you - usually $5 a visit. With you, you're the same way i am. I can't eat breakfast and lunch. I'm not hungry. I eat dinner and a late night snack. Nothing significant. But you know what? Breakfast does give you energy needed for the day, as well as lunch. I found this out to be true for myself, not what some doctor told me. If you eat all three meals with small snacks in between (and no, not fast food, nothing greasy or processed, no creamy add-ons, no sweets, etc.), you will lose at least 2-3 pounds your first week =) Lots of water is a good idea - and cut the pop; carbonated drinks make your body retain water and also cause acid reflux. Anyway, getting off your daughter here a little, sorry hehe... if any medical professional is telling you they won't see your daughter, they need their license pulled. I hope you get her the help she needs!