From Karen, Child's Age 19 - 04/05/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Shanes camp in chatanoga tenn. My son has been over wt most of all his life, he is 6'4'' and 500 lbs. I am single and most meals were from macdonals,bking,sub way, or if i did cook 6 ckicken quarters, and vegs. He has been a latch key kid since 9yrs old. Loves 360xbox and tv i never let him go outside because i was never home worry much what could he wants to lose wt and it is hard. He ddid not think about his wt till in the real world for a job or college.we are working together now please help ur kids now while thet are young
Reply from Ashlie - 05/04/12  - IP#:
You make some very good points. Being aware of your child's weight and helping them develop healthy eating, activity, hobby and motivation habits at a young age goes a long way in promoting life long good health habits. Working together with your health care provider to establish a healthy weight plan with realistic time line goals now could be helpful. Good luck on your weight loss journey. You can do it!